Incentive Application

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The production company must submit an application to the Mississippi Film Office/Mississippi Development Authority (MDA).

Required with the signed application are:

(1) The script, AND

(2) A one paragraph synopsis (if a feature/television project), storyboard (if a commercial), or the treatment (if a documentary or unscripted), AND

(3) The proposed budget.

The production company name on the application is the name that will be listed on the certificate issued by MDA. The production company name on the application and certificate must match the name to be used on production expenditures, billings, and invoices for those expenses to be eligible for the rebate, and the entity applying for the rebate must have the same Federal Tax ID Number as the entity that will incur and pay production costs.

NOTE: It is possible for a company to work under a “doing business as” name or DBA, but the entity on the application and the DBA must have the same Federal Tax ID Number; the dba cannot be a separate legal entity.

The application must be submitted before the beginning of production for the Mississippi portion of the project. It is suggested the application be submitted to the Mississippi Film Office 4-6 weeks prior to the start of pre-production spending in Mississippi.

The Mississippi Film Office, MDA’s Business Incentives Division and Mississippi Department of Revenue review the application for requisite information and determine whether it meets the program’s requirements. Based on submitted budget information, the MDA establishes a maximum rebate figure. The date the Film Office and Business Incentives Division complete review of the application and determine the production meets the program’s requirements will be the eligibility date for all expenses related to the production. This date will be noted in the commitment letter from the Film Office. Rebates will not be given on any expenditure made prior to the date on this letter.

Once the production is prepared to publicly announce the project and has its funding in place, the production company must notify the Film Office. The production then is placed on the agenda of a public meeting of the MDA Board for official MDA approval and is issued a certificate by MDA.

If any information submitted in the application changes, the production company must notify the Film Office; official MDA approval of a production company for the Mississippi Motion Picture Incentive Program is subject to the representations made by the production company in the application.

Any upward revision of the original rebate estimate must be requested in writing to the Mississippi Film Office and submitted prior to the completion of production in Mississippi. A revised budget must be submitted to substantiate the revision along with a written explanation for the budget increase.

Your application contains up to 4 forms. The Mississippi Motion Picture Incentive Application is the main form to apply for Mississippi’s incentive. If seeking approval for the rebate on non-resident payroll, Form 200A is also required.

Form 100A – Mississippi Motion Picture Incentive Application

Form 100B – Mississippi Episodic Television Incentive Application

Form 200A – Non-Resident Payroll Rebate Pre-Approval Application

If a Mississippi-based production partner is required to access the non-resident payroll rebate, the Mississippi entity must fill out the relevant forms below for qualification as a production partner.

Form 300A – Pre-Qualification Form for MS Residents and Companies

Waiver and Authorization to Release Confidential Taxpayer Information