CASTING CALL: Ridgeland Tourism Commercial

Shoot dates: July 26 or 27, 2023

Location: Barnett Reservoir, Ridgeland

Details: The shoot is showcasing some of the activities one can do on the reservoir in the Ridgeland area. We will be kayaking, skiing/wakeboarding, and having fun on a pontoon boat. Everyone who submits must be comfortable around and in the water. People also must be comfortable in swimwear. Being able to water ski is a huge bonus for a couple of roles, but not a requirement. Kayakers will be in boats paddling, some talent will be skiing or wakeboarding, and people on the pontoon boat will be swimming. These are all non-speaking roles. We will be taking photos and shooting video. These images may be used in a variety of ways (print, web, etc) to promote the City of Ridgeland.


Information needed with submission:

Deadline for submission: July 21, 2023

Please send submissions to A short video would be great if possible. Any photos in water appropriate clothing or swimwear are encouraged, but not required. Kayakers will only be needed for 3 hours, Ski/pontoon roles will be in two scenarios and will be needed for about 8 hours, pontoon only roles will be needed for about 3 hours.