WRAPPED: Momma’s Boy

TYPE: Feature film



Trevor: 10 years old, male (caucasian). Close friend who supports bullying friend. Day player.

Young Isaac: 7-10 years old, male (African American). plays younger version of the lead male.

Veronica: mid-30s-40s  female (Latino). Beautiful, seductive ex girlfriend.

Vivian: 50s, female (caucasian). Savvy business woman.

Julia: 50s, female (caucasian). Uptight boss, called the witch of the office. 

Detective McNeil: 50s, male (any ethnicity). Detective. 

Darrin: 40s, male (African American). Blue collar worker, no nonsense abusive husband.

Lt. Tops: 50s, male (Caucasian). Military Lieutenant.

Sergeant Major Lee: 50s male (Caucasian). Military Sergeant.

Kayla: 18-24 years old, female (Caucasian). Playful, flirtatious that can pass for teenager . 

Young Kayla: 7-10 years old, female (Caucasian). Outspoken kid.

Officer 1: mid-40s male (any ethnicity).

Officer 2: mid-40s male (any ethnicity).

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