WRAPPED: Great Escapes Season 2

Dieter Dengler BEFORE

Morgan Casting has announced that “Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman” is returning for a second season and they are back to hunt some criminals. Actually, they’re hunting for people who look like the criminals and others that will be featured in this docuseries about infamous jailbreaks!

Shooting in Natchez begins Aug. 8, 2022, and they’ll be casting on a broad spectrum of age, ethnicity, and gender. Pro actors may suggest through their agents or Actors Access, but non-pros are also welcome to submit for consideration via the email address provided below. 

All roles are silent on camera, so Morgan Casting is seeking talented performers who can bring these roles to life through convincing action! They would love to cast as closely as possible in look, height, and eye color; however, please do not limit your suggestion based on eye color, and feel free to go up or down a few inches with height.

Dieter Dengler – AFTER

Pays $200/day for the following Principal Roles, for up to 5 days max of work, exact number of work days still TBD at this time.

Production is open to covering hotel for those who may live a reasonable drive from Natchez.

NOTE: COVID testing will be required of all performers and covered by production. All talent must be non-union.


Duane Martin

Dieter Dengler

Age 28, white male, 5′ 9″, 157 lbs, clean shaven and healthy-looking in the beginning; bearded and appearing worn later. A prisoner of war during the Vietnam conflict. Mr Dengler was a victim of horrendous torture and neglect, so we’ll need a before-and-after look for this role. SEE PHOTOS.

Duane Martin

Age 26, Air Force Pilot, white male, brown hair and will eventually be seen with a full beard (and longer stringy hair) after being a POW. SEE PHOTO.

Eugene DeBruin

Age 31, white male with red hair and freckles. He ends up having a long beard after being a POW. We would love to consider any men with red, strawberry blond or reddish-brown hair. SEE PHOTO.

Eugene Debruin


Appearing 35-55, Chinese.

The exact age of this real-life character is unknown, and the ethnicity is somewhat flexible, but must appear as a worn-down Asian prisoner of war. SEE PHOTO.

Rene Belbenoit

Age 25-35, white male, dark hair, slim build. SEE PHOTO.


Age 37, white male, 6’2″, 160 lbs with blonde hair, blue eyes.



Age 30s, white male, large stature. Body tattoos a plus.


Age 33-40, white male. Weathered and worn.


Age 30s, white male. Average looking, medium build.


Age 30s, white male. Scrawny, thin build, shorter.


Rene Belbenoit

Age 30s, white male. Tall and lean.

On set experience welcomed, but not required. Must be non-union.

Please email TWO photos (1 head & shoulders + 1 full length), along with the following information to: CastingGreatEscapes@gmail.com

For the subject line of your email, please use:

[Insert your name here] for [Insert character name here]


Current City/State of Residence:


Weight and/or Body Type:

Phone Number:

If you are represented by an agent, please let us know.

Are you non-union?

Deadline to submit/suggest is Thursday, July 21, 2022 at 12PM/Noon CT.