WRAPPED: Finding Faith

Morgan Casting is thrilled to be working on “Finding Faith”, a SAG-AFTRA feature film shooting in Canton! Production begins on or around Feb. 13, 2023, and the following roles are open for audition.

These roles have been released to agents and posted on Actors Access. If you wish to suggest yourself for a role and do NOT have representation or Actors Access, please follow the directions below for submitting via email.

Roles are paid at SAG-AFTRA scale, $379/day. Production would love to consider any local hires, and is open to actors who live within a 500 miles radius (modified local hires) of our shoot location. Deadline to suggest for a role is Thursday, Jan. 18, 2023.

FINDING FAITH is the story of VICTORIA, a successful writer who appears to have it all, but the death of her mother brings her home to Canton, and to a moment of reckoning in her struggles to reconnect in her marriage, her work, and in her relationship with God.

[HENRY] Male, any ethnicity, 30s. A friendly deputy sheriff, childhood friend of VICTORIA

[ARDELIA] Female, Black, 30s. VICTORIA’S supportive friend and publisher.

[YOUNG LILY] Female, white, 30s. The loving mother VICTORIA remembers from her childhood in flashback.

[LITTLE GIRL VICTORIA] Female, white, approx. age 8. Younger version of VICTORIA.

[NURSE] Female, open ethnicity, 20s to 50s. Attentive and hardworking.

[RHONA] Female, open ethnicity, 70s. Outspoken storyteller. 

[SAMANTHA] Female, open ethnicity, 40s to 60s. Professional and imposing head of a media company.

[CINDY] Female, open ethnicity, 30s. Friendly, ex-wife of HENRY.

[LILY] Female, white, late 50s to 60s. VICTORIA’s gentle and humorous mother.

[MEDIATOR] Male or female, open ethnicity, 30s to 50s. Counsels VICTORIA and her husband during divorce proceedings.

[YOUNG JOHN] Male, white, 30s, younger version of VICTORIA’s father, seen in flashback. 

To suggest yourself – or your child – for a role, please send two photos (one head & shoulders shot that clearly shows your face; and one full-length) and the following information to:


Please use the subject line: [Your name] for [ROLE name]

Your Name (or your child’s*)

Your Current Location (city & state)

Your Phone Number

Your Height

Your SAG-AFTRA (union or non?)

*If suggesting your child, please provide the child’s age and the name of the responsible parent/guardian.