Movies filmed in Mississippi

Filmed in Mississippi

Explore the history of films in Mississippi.

Women of The Movement (Limited TV Series)
Adam The First (Feature)
Teacher’s Watching (Feature)
Mysterious Circumstance
The Yacht

Bastard’s Crossing (Feature)
Home Town Season 4 (TV Series)
Jakob’s Wife (Feature)
Texas Red (Feature)
Son (Feature)
The Card Counter (Feature)
The Longest Night (Feature)
Red Bird Lane (TV Series Pilot)
Demigod (Feature)
The Horror Chronicles (Feature)
Belle Collective (Reality TV Series)
Invasion (Feature)
Ben’s Workshop (TV Series)
Home Town Season 5 (TV Series)
Gulf South Outdoors (TV Series)
Gulf South Outdoors (TV Series)
Breaking News in Yuba County (Feature)
Home Town Season 4 (TV Series)
Fantasy Island/Le Plane (Partial Feature)
Lessons from a Moonwalk (Short)
The Dinner Party (Feature)
The Past is Never Dead (Feature)
Delta Blind Spot (Short)
Bluff City Law – Pilot (TV Series)
Somebody Feed Phil (Episode)
Restaurant Impossible (Episode)

Ma (Feature)
Payment Received (Feature)
The Craving (Feature)
Austin & Amanda (Series)
Hallowed Ground (Feature)
Bring It! Season 5B (TV Series)
Malicious (Feature)
Mississippi Whistle (Documentary)
Son of a Gun (Feature)
Shaw (Documentary)
Gulf South Outdoors (TV Series)
The Craving (Feature)
Between the Pines (Documentary)
Home Town Season 3 (TV Series)
Little Brother of War (Documentary)
Alphaville (Web Series)
House Hunters – Jackson (TV Series – Episode)

It’s Time (Feature)
Last Chance U Season 2 (TV Doc-Series)
Home Town Season 2 (TV Series)
Christmas In Mississippi (Feature)
Blood Country (Feature)
Urban Country (Feature)
Ultra (Feature)
Cornbread Cosa Nostra (Feature)
Bring It! Season 4 (TV Series)
Glass Talons of The Iridescent Raven (Feature)
Naked and Afraid (TV Series)
Mississippi Murder (Feature)
Purgatory Road (Feature)
Deamons (Feature)
Kill ‘Em All (Feature)
Last Chance U (TV Doc-Series)
Jessica Chambers Project (Docu-Series)

Bring It! Season 3 (Reality TV Series)
Kudzu Zombies (Feature)
Porches & Private Eyes (Feature)
Southern Fury (Feature)
The Base (Feature)
Missing Daughter (Feature)
Hometown (TV Series)
Thrasher Road (Feature)
Soul Damage (Feature)
A Deadly Affair (Feature)
Atone (Feature)
The Atoning (Feature)
Kill ‘Em All (Feature)
Malicious (Feature)
Last Chance U (TV Doc-Series)
Although I Deserve to Die (Feature)
Deadly Affair (Feature)

Don’t Kill It (Feature)
The Neighbor (Feature)
Strange Weather (Feature)
Speech and Debate (Feature)
The Hollow (Feature)
Precious Cargo (Feature)
The Bridge (Feature)
Isolation (Feature)
Shark Lake (Feature)
Bring It (TV Series)

Midnight Special (Feature)
Mississippi Grind (Feature)
Big Bad…(Feature)
Get On Up (Feature)
Bring It (Series)
The Livingston Gardner (Feature)
By Way Of Helena (Feature)
Worry Dolls (Feature)
A Gift Horse (Feature)
Astronaut Wives Club (TV Series -partial)
Barge (Documentary)
Battlecreek (Feature)
Dixieland (Feature)
The Hollars (Feature)
Impact Earth (Feature)
Life At These Speeds (Feature)
Local News (Reality TV Series)
Loose (Feature)
Anthony Bourdain:Parts Unknown (TV Series – Episode)
Party Down South (TV Series)
Race of a Lifetime (Feature)
Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made (Documentary)
Same Kind of Different As Me(Feature)
Sequence (Short Series)
Texas Heart (Feature)
Ducks Unlimited Television (TV Series)
Y’all vs Us (TV Series)
Mississippi Snake Grabbers (TV Series)
Mississippi Solo Redux (Documentary)

Quarry (TV Pilot)
Starve (Janitor Zoo) (Feature)
The Shed (TV Series)
Artists Die Best In Black (Feature)
Big Significant Things (Feature)
I Am Potential (Feature)
Cat 5 (Feature)
The Historian (Feature)
Blackbird (Feature)
The Sound And The Fury (Feature)

The Honeybrake Experience (Series)
Picked Off (Series)
Happy Log (Feature)
As I Lay Dying (Feature)
Act of Valor (Feature)
Mississippi I Am (Documentary)
Dark House (Feature)
Booker’s Place: A Mississippi Story (Documentary)
Blount Force  (Feature)

Full Metal Jousting (Series)
Rise Again (Feature)
Haunted (Feature)
Old Oak (Short)

True Blood (Series)
The Help (Feature)
Antiques Roadshow (Series)
Big Bad (Feature)
Rites Of Spring (Feature)
Where I Begin (Feature)
Night Of The Living Trekkies (Short)
The Dynamiter (Feature)
Wrestling with Faith (Documentary)
Extreme Makeover Home Edition (Series)
Butterfly Rising (Feature)
The Dynamiter (Feature)
The Good Forest (Feature)
When Cotton Blossoms (Documentary)
Cheat Day Diaries (Feature)
A Call to Arms (Documentary)
Contagio (Feature)
Mississippi Queen (Documentary)
Night of the Loup Garou (Feature)
Perversion (Feature)
Prom Night in Mississippi (Documentary)
The Shovel (Short)

Beyond The Forest (Short Film)
Orbis Romanus (Short Film)
M Is For Mississippi (Documentary)
Between The Lions (Series)
Lomax: The Hound Of Music (Series)
At the House of Madness (Feature)
Burn on the Bayou (Documentary)
Building Blocks (Documentary)
Camp Katrina (Short)
Cruel (Feature)
Full Moon Lightnin’ (Documentary)
The Life Penalty (Documentary)
Lord Save Us from Your Followers (Documentary)
One Day in Clarksdale (Documentary)
Southern Gothic (Feature)
Warbirds (TV Movie)
Torment (Feature)

Between The Lions (Series)
Chasing The White Dragon (Feature)
All About Us (Feature)
Elvis: A Generous Heart (Documentary)
Mississippi Chicken (Documentary)
Mississippi Son (Documentary)
Mississippi Remixed (Documentary)

Ballast (Feature)
Between The Lions (Series)
Checkmate (Short)
Easy Trouble (Documentary)
Execution (Feature)
Katrina: A Volunteer Story (Documentary-TV Movie)
Katrina Diary (Documentary)
Love and Suicide (Feature)
On the Road in America (TV)
Wayne County Ramblin (Feature)
Wolfika (Feature)

Black Snake Moan (Feature-Partial)
Guiding Light (Special Episode)
Spaces (Special Episode)
Oh, Mr. Faulkner, Do You Write? (Feature)
Call to Fly (Feature)
Glorious Mail (Feature)
Motherless Child (Short)
Spicebush (Documentary)
Vampyre Tales (Feature)

Walk The Line (Feature-Partial)
Nightshade (Feature)
Overhearing Ron (Feature)
American Mormon (Documentary)

Beah: A Black Woman Speaks (Documentary)
The Lady Killers (Feature-Partial)
David Banner (Music Video) Steve Azar (Music Video)
Cookie Jar (Short)
Dead Clowns (Feature)
The Living Blues (Documentary-TV)
Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus (Documentary)
Silver Scream (Feature)
Steve Azar (Music Video)

The Blues, Wim Wenders (Episode)
The Blues, Richard Pearce (Episode)
Leopold Bloom (Feature-Partial)
Last of the Mississippi Jukes (Documentary)
Belles and Whistles (Documentary)
Doppelgangster (Short)
The Path of Fear (Feature)
The Rough Story of Larry Brown (Documentary)
Standing in the Shadows of Motown (Documentary)
Leo (Feature-Partial)

MTV-Fear (Episode)
Dinosaur Babies (Episode)
Lost Junction (Feature-Partial)
Issaquena (Short Film)
White Light (Feature-Partial)
The Blues, Spike Lee (Episode)
The Blues, Charles Burnett (Episode)
Cremains (Feature)

The Ponder Heart (TV Movie)
Coca-Cola (Commercial)
Big Bad Love (Feature)
Lalee’s Kin (Documentary)
In Mound Bayou (Documentary Short)

From Mound Bayou To Lady Selborne (Documentary)
The Rising Place (Feature)
Angels Of Death, Executioners In America (Documentary-Partial)
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Feature)
John John In The Sky (Feature)
Two Rivers (Feature)

My Dog Skip (Feature)
Cookie’s Fortune (Feature)
Red Dirt (Feature)
The Insider (Feature-Partial)
Promised Land (TV Series)
Double Jeopardy (Feature-Partial)
Smiles (Short Film)
Forgetting Youth (Short Film)
Roads And Bridges (Feature-Partial)
Stop Breakin’ Down (Short Film)
Finding Graceland (Feature)
Waking in Mississippi (Documentary)

The Fifties (Documentary)
Lured Innocence (Feature-Partial)
Standing On My Sister’s Shoulders (Documentary)
The Road To Graceland (Feature-Partial)
Why I Live At The P.O. (Short Film)
Delta Blues (Documentary)
The Sore Losers (Feature)

The Chamber (Feature)
Ghosts Of Mississippi (Feature)
Lost In Mississippi (Documentary)
Pale In Your Shadow (Short Film)
The People Vs. Larry Flynt (Feature- Partial)
Swept Off My Feet (Feature)
Barb Wire (Feature)

A Time To Kill (Feature)
Jon Anderson (Music Video)
Highway 61 Revisited (Documentary)
Inspiration Of Painting (Episode)
Marty Stuart (Music Video)
Transplants (Documentary)
Bob Vila’s Guide To Historic Homes (Episode)
Teenage Tupelo (Feature)

America’s War On Poverty (Documentary)
A Century Of Women (Documentary)
A Public Voice (Documentary)
A Worn Path (Short Film)
Mississippi (Documentary)
Rescue 911 (Episodes)
Cries Of Silence (Feature)
The Client (Feature)
Target Tornado (TV Documentary)

Backstage (TV Pilot)
Blossom Time (Feature)
500 Nations (Documentary-Partial)
Freedom On My Mind (Documentary)
Promised Land (Documentary)
Southern Writers (Documentary)

The Gun In Betty Lou’s Handbag (Feature)
The Adventures Of Huck Finn (Feature)

The Search For Robert Johnson (Documentary)
Southern Justice: America Undercover (Documentary)
Taking Back My Life: The Nancy Ziegenmeyer Story (TV Movie-Partial)

Blind Vengeance (TV Movie-Partial)
Stone Cold (Feature)
Mississippi Masala (Feature)
Deep Blues (Documentary)

Beulah Land (TV Series)
Don’t Look Back: The Satchel Page Story (TV Movie)
This Is Elvis (Feature)

The Beast Within (Feature)
The Dark Secret Of The Black Bayou (TV Movie)
The Further Adventures Of Tom Sawyer And Huckleberry Finn (TV Movie)
Mistress Of Paradise (TV Movie)

The Mississippi (TV Pilot)

The Mississippi (Series: 9 Episodes)

The Adventures Of Con Sawyer And Hucklemary Finn (TV Movie)
Crossroads (Feature)
North And South: Book I (Mini-Series-Partial)
North And South: Book I (Documentary)
Eyes On The Prize (Documentary-Partial)
North And South: Book II (Mini-Series-Partial)

Down By Law (Feature-Partial)
Courtship (TV Movie)
Uncle Tom’s Cabin (TV Movie)
Undercover (Feature-Partial)
The Wide Net (TV Movie)

Mississippi Burning (Feature)
Heart Of Dixie (Feature)
Miss Firecracker (Feature)
Cajun Heat (Feature)
Shark (Feature)
Good Old Boy (TV Movie)
Unsolved Mysteries (Episodes)

Return To The River (Documentary)
Wild At Heart (Feature-Partial)
Elvis-Good Rockin Tonight (TV Pilot-Partial)
Rescue 911 (Episodes)

Love’s Savage Fury (TV Movie)
The Bear (TV Movie)
The Land Where Blues Began (Documentary)

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings (TV Movie)
Life On The Mississippi (Documentary)
Barn Burning (TV Movie)
Smugglers (Feature)
Freedom Road (TV Movie)

Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry (TV Movie)
Pretty Baby (Feature-Partial)
The Brain Machine (Feature)

Nightmare In Badham County (TV Movie)

The Premonition (Feature)
Ode To Billy Joe (Feature)
The Minstrel Man (TV Movie)

Thieves Like Us (Feature)
The Musical Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn (Feature)
The Autobiography Of Miss Jane Pittman (TV Movie)

Tomorrow (Feature)

The Reivers (Feature)

This Property Is Condemned (Feature)

Route 66: “A Bunch of Lonely Pagliaccis” (TV Series)

Home From The Hill (Feature)
The Horse Soldiers (Feature)

Raintree County (Feature)

Baby Doll (Feature)
Frontier Woman: Daughter Of Davy Crockett (Feature)

Jesse James’ Women (Feature)

Intruder In The Dust (Feature)

Showboat (Feature)

The Fighting Coward (feature)

Slippy Mcgee (Feature)

The Crisis (Feature)
Heart of Maryland (Feature)

Gentleman from Mississippi (Feature)